Wasim Sajjad (Acting) Biography

Wasim Sajjad, born on March 30, 1941, in Jalandhar, British India (now in Punjab, India), is a Pakistani lawyer and politician who served as the acting President of Pakistan on two occasions.

Sajjad obtained his early education in Pakistan and later pursued a legal career. He graduated from Punjab University Law College and went on to complete his Master of Laws (LL.M.) from Downing College, University of Cambridge, in the United Kingdom.

In the political arena, Wasim Sajjad became associated with the Pakistan Muslim League (PML), a prominent political party in Pakistan. He held various political positions, including serving as a Member of the National Assembly and as a federal minister in the government of Prime Minister Muhammad Khan Junejo.

In 1993, when President Ghulam Ishaq Khan dissolved the National Assembly and dismissed Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s government, Wasim Sajjad assumed the role of acting President. He served as the acting President from April 18, 1993, until July 14, 1993.

Again in 1997, following the resignation of President Farooq Leghari, Wasim Sajjad assumed the position of acting President for the second time. He served in this capacity from November 14, 1997, until December 1, 1997.

During his time as acting President, Sajjad’s role was to temporarily fulfill the duties and responsibilities of the President until a new President was elected. As acting President, he presided over certain functions and constitutional processes.

Apart from his political career, Wasim Sajjad is also known for his contributions in the legal field. He is a prominent lawyer and has appeared before the Supreme Court of Pakistan on various high-profile cases.

Wasim Sajjad’s role as the acting President of Pakistan demonstrated his dedication to public service and his commitment to upholding constitutional processes. His contributions to Pakistani politics and the legal profession have made him a respected figure in the country.

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