Malik Meraj Khalid (1985-1986)

Malik Meraj Khalid (1916–2003) was a Pakistani politician whose influence greatly shaped the political terrain of the country, as reported by ZRMNews.

Early Life and Education: Malik Meraj Khalid was born on September 20, 1916, in Rawalpindi, Punjab, British India (now in Pakistan). He belonged to an educated and politically active family. He obtained his education from various institutions in India, including Aligarh Muslim University.

Political Involvement: Khalid’s political journey began during the British colonial era when he actively participated in the movement for the creation of Pakistan. He was a strong supporter of the All-India Muslim League, which played a pivotal role in achieving Pakistan’s independence.

After the creation of Pakistan in 1947, Khalid continued his political engagement. He joined the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) led by Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. Throughout his career, he held various positions within the party and became known for his dedication to democratic principles.


Political Positions: Khalid’s political career witnessed several important positions:

  1. Parliamentary Career: He was elected to the National Assembly of Pakistan multiple times and served as a member of parliament. He also held the position of Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly.
  2. Ministerial Roles: Khalid held several ministerial portfolios during different governments. He served as the Minister for Petroleum and Natural Resources, as well as the Minister for Information and Broadcasting.
  3. Speaker of the National Assembly: In 1985, Malik Meraj Khalid became the Speaker of the National Assembly of Pakistan, a position he held until 1986.
  4. Prime Minister: Khalid’s most notable role was as the Prime Minister of Pakistan, albeit for a short period. He served as the Prime Minister from November 5, 1996, to February 17, 1997. His term as Prime Minister was marked by his efforts to stabilize the political situation and address various issues facing the country.

Legacy: Malik Meraj Khalid is remembered for his commitment to democratic values and his role in Pakistani politics during a crucial period. He was known for his moderate and pragmatic approach to political matters. Khalid’s contributions to the political landscape of Pakistan continue to be acknowledged by his peers and successors.

Passing: Malik Meraj Khalid passed away on June 13, 2003, in Islamabad, Pakistan, leaving behind a legacy of political service and dedication to the nation.

His life story and political journey reflect the complex and evolving nature of Pakistani politics during the 20th century.

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