FIA Nabs Afghan National and Accomplices with Fake Travel Documents

The accomplishment achieved by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) immigration stands as a significant milestone, highlighting their success in apprehending an individual who resorted to employing counterfeit documents for his intended journey to Saudi Arabia. This development has been meticulously reported by ZRM News  on a Thursday.

Amidst the backdrop of this achievement, the FIA immigration orchestrated a carefully executed operation at the premises of the Sialkot International Airport. This operation yielded fruitful results, as it culminated in the successful apprehension of an Afghan national who was attempting to travel under questionable circumstances. Notably, this operation did not solely result in the arrest of the main suspect but also led to the capture of five additional individuals who were identified as accomplices and facilitators in this illicit venture.

FIA Images_ZRMNEws

The person currently held in custody bears the name Najeeb Ullah, and his intentions to journey to Saudi Arabia were shrouded in deception. He had opted to employ a counterfeit Pakistani passport, a decision that would have major consequences. The gravity of the situation is further underscored by the revelation that his falsified Pakistani passport bore the embellishment of a forged protective stamp, an audacious attempt at evading scrutiny.

Prompted by the identification of Najeeb Ullah as the central figure in this intricate web of deceit, the FIA took proactive measures, resulting in the apprehension of an additional five individuals who were operating as agents and facilitators. These apprehensions were carried out within the vicinity of the airport’s parking area, a detail disclosed by an FIA spokesperson.

In light of these developments, it is noteworthy that the individuals detained as part of this operation have been subsequently transferred into the custody of the FIA’s Anti-Human Trafficking Circle in Gujarat. This transition marks a pivotal phase in their legal journey, as it initiates the essential legal procedures and paves the way for further actions that will serve to address the complex web of issues surrounding this case.

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