ATC Grants Physical Remand to Fatima Murder Case Suspect

KHAIRPUR: In a significant development, an anti-terrorism court (ATC) on Thursday approved a seven-day extension of physical remand for Asad Shah, the main accused, and his co-accomplice in the heart-wrenching murder case of young domestic worker Fatima Phuriro. This update comes as reported by ZRM News.

Bachal Qazi, the diligent investigation officer handling the case, presented both Asad Shah and his accomplice Imtiaz Meerasi in court today. During the proceedings, the investigation officer earnestly requested a two-week extension of the accused individuals’ physical remand.

After the request to include terrorism charges and transfer the case to the anti-terrorism court, Civil Judge Ranipur redirected the case to the ATC.

On Wednesday, the police released four individuals who had been accused in the murder case of Fatima Phuriro, the young girl who tragically lost her life at the Haveli in Ranipur.

Among those released were SHO Ameer Chang, Dr. Fatah Memon, and Dr. Ali Hasan Wasan.

The investigating officer stated that these suspects were let go due to their names not being mentioned in the First Information Report (FIR).

Despite the passage of two weeks, Hina Shah, a co-accused and the wife of the primary accused Asad Shah, remains at large and has not been apprehended.

Ejaz Khaskhali, a driver employed by Hina Shah, was arrested in Karachi by the Khairpur Police. Additionally, 11 others were taken into custody at Asad’s residence.

The unfortunate demise of 10-year-old Fatima occurred at the residence of Asad Shah, and the distressing video capturing her final moments circulated widely on social media.

The postmortem report corroborated that the young maid had suffered sexual abuse, as confirmed by DIG Sukkur, Javed Jiskani.

DIG javed_jiskani

DIG Sukkur, Javed Jiskani, was an officer in the Pakistan Police Service. DIG stands for Deputy Inspector General, which is a high-ranking position in the police department.

Here is some general information about Javed Jiskani:

  1. Professional Background: Javed Jiskani had a distinguished career in law enforcement. As a DIG, he was responsible for overseeing and managing law enforcement operations in the Sukkur region, which is part of the Sindh province of Pakistan.
  2. Responsibilities: As a DIG, Javed Jiskani would have had various responsibilities, including maintaining law and order, implementing crime prevention strategies, and supervising investigations into criminal activities within his jurisdiction.
  3. Experience: Police officers at the rank of DIG typically have significant experience in various roles within the police department. They have usually served in different capacities and have risen through the ranks due to their performance and expertise.
  4. Community Engagement: High-ranking police officers like DIGs often engage with their communities and local leaders to build trust and cooperation between the police force and the public.

Following the incident, Asad Shah, the primary accused, was taken into custody by the police.


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